When the 32 selected girls become the 6 elite, things start to get complicated when many questions arise. America struggles to keep her mouth shut and the public, Maxon and America herself question whether she has what it takes to be a princess. The final girls want Maxon just as much and are willing to do whatever it takes, and Maxon is willing to give them the chance. The rebel attacks are also increasing, and if Maxon doesn't make a decision and end the selection soon, it's only going to get worse.

I LOVED The Elite just as much as I did The Selection. Kiera Cass has outdone herself. The storyline continues to become more suspenseful and the characters begin to develop their persona's. Once again I finished this books within the day because I just wanted to know who Maxon chooses...which you don't find out until the end of the next book >:(

I loved reading about Maxon and America's ups and downs as their arguments were almost as entertaining and somewhat beautiful as the rest of the book. We also get a deeper analysis into other characters such as the King and Queen, Aspen, and the remaining elite girls. This only makes it more stressful to find out if Maxon will follow his heart, the public, or his father's orders.

I give this beautiful and fantastic book 5 starts out of 5 for the romance, comedy, drama and suspense. I find myself invested in the characters and I really don't want the series to end because I just want to read more about their lives. If you've read The Selection, but haven't read The Elite yet, i suggest you do because it is just as AMAZING!!!

Thanks for reading Xx


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