I might sound like I'm repeating myself with The Selection series...but OMG!!! The drama in this book, the romance, the suspense...I couldn't put it down and finished it after 9 hours :)

Finding out who the one is in The One may seem pretty obvious but when you are reading it you may second guess. I cried for pretty much the whole second part of the books. The love that continues to blossom between Maxon and America, the death of beloved characters, and the final was all just PERFECT.

Drama continues to arise when Maxon distances himself from America to get to know the other girls, which only brings America and Aspen closer. The King tests America's limits and pushes her to breaking point, which shows Maxon a side of her he doesn't like. But these moments only add to the wonderfulness of their relationship and ultimately makes them stronger. The remaining girls also grow a stronger bond that they will be able to hold onto for the rest of their lives...however long that may be.

This is the final story of Maxon and Aspen during the selection process and I thoughts it was a beautiful, yet devastating ending, but maybe it needed to happen. The events that arise and fall throughout the novel only make it more entertaining, and gave me the worst BOOK HANGOVER after finishing it.

Once again I give this book 5 stars out of 5 (SURPRISE) for all the reasons I stated above; the highs and lows and ups and downs, the cries, the laughs, the boys, the girls, the families and friends, everything about this novel was perfect and I wish it wasn't the end.

Thanks for reading Xx


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