WOW! After reading 'Anna' I honestly didn't think that it could get any better...and it certainly did. Perkins has outdone herself!

I loved almost every part of this novel. I loved Lola's relationship with her fathers, her falling out with her older rocker boyfriend, and her redeveloped relationship with the Bell twins. Lola is different from your typical teenage girl, and I thinks that's what made her character and story so interesting. I found myself not being able to put the book down because I wanted to keep reading about Lola and Cricket's "friendship" ;).

I also loved the fact that we were able to find out more about Anna and St Claire and how their relationship continued to develop after leaving Paris. Overall, the story line was great, the characters were not only beautifully written but relatable, as was the plot.

I give this text 5 stars out of 5 (I LOVE giving out full stars) as I can honestly say that it is up high with the best YA books I have read. Ten out of ten would recommend to any readers of young adult, love stories, and those you are trying something a little different.

Thanks for reading Xx


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