I was very sad to finish this book because it was the last of three of Stephanie Perkins' amazing trilogy type thing (although it wasn't really a trilogy...I don't know what you would call it). The books kept getting better, and I think that 'Isla' may have been my favourite out of all three...maybe.

Getting a deeper insight into St Claire's friend Josh and his relationship with Isla was entertaining, although quite heart breaking. It is every girls dream to start going out with her long time crush, which made Isla's story so relatable. Watching Josh and Isla go through their ups and downs, their laughs and crys, their hellos and goodbyes, although exciting and devastating, is what made me want to read more.

I think all three of Perkins' books I read within a day each, and I'm pretty sure I was up until the early hours of the morning reading them because I couldn't put them down. And I'm devastated that their finished, but I'm happy to have been able to experience them.

I also loved how the characters from each of the three texts, Anna and St Claire, Lola and Cricket, Isla and Josh, were able to come together before the grand finale, and all the characters were able to witness a very special moment for themselves and the readers.

One again I give this text 5 BIG starts out of 5 :) Perkins has made me laugh, cry, sleep deprived and in love, and I would definitely recommend reading all three of her books to be able to experience the many emotions that I have over the last few days.

Thanks for reading Xx


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