I read both of these books by Gayle Forman in a day and therefore didn't have time to write separate reviews between each read, so here they are together :)

At the beginning of the book I found it quite slow, but as soon as it got better, it got A LOT better! I fell in absolute love. Just One Day is about a traveller named Allyson who meets Willem on a train to their final destination. Willem invites her her to abandon her plans and spend a spontaneous day in Paris with him. This day involves humour, love, drama, and a romance that will follow them for the next year when Allyson wakes up the following morning to find Willem gone.

This book sounds like a typical contemporary, young adult romance, but I can tell you now it isn't. It's different to anything that I have ever read before. Firstly, Forman's use of characterisation. Allyson isn't out going and would rather stay in bed on a friday night than go out and party. Willem on the other hand is the complete opposite and there is a definite comparison between the two. Both characters are easily loved which made the book that much better to read.

Secondly, the setting. I went to Paris a few years ago and have been dying to go back since. This book has made me want to do that so much more. I could picture the scenes of the river, dinner, wondering around the beautiful city. Paris is the city of love, and this book shows how it is possible to fall in love in a day, especially in Paris <3. There were also the minor settings of New York, Amsterdam, and Mexico, which were perfectly described which made it that much easier to read the book.

I finished this book in about 8 hours; I was up until 1am reading it because I couldn't put it down. And I am so glad I read it :)

Just One Year is the story of Just One Day, however from Willem's perspective as opposed to Allyson's. From the year that Willem and Allyson are separated, Willem has a dramatic time and is struggling with the loss of his 'one day love.'

Although I didn't find this book as good as Just One Day, it was still a lovely read. Getting a deeper insight into Willem's thoughts, life, and perspective was really interesting and made me feel a different way about him than what I did during Just One Day. His character and charisma really shone. I aspire to be something like him. I have always wanted to travel around the world, live out of a suitcase, and see where life takes me.

Overall I give both of these books 4.5 stars out of 5. They were such beautiful books and the fact that I read them both so quickly just shows that. I also read 'Just One Night' online which is just a quick epilogue on what happens after the two books, and it gave me butterflies :)
Would definitely reccomend to readers who love contemporary novels, young adult, or any fiction novels.

Thanks for reading Xx


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