I'm really sorry...please don't hate's not my fault...BUT I didn't like this book. It took me two days to read 250 pages (half of the book) when I decided to put it back on my shelf because I was bored and not enjoying it.

I'm going to hold back full judgement because I didn't finish it, but here is personally what I think. I'm not one to not finish a book, even if I'm not enjoying it. If I don't like a book I still try to give it a chance even if I'm just skimming over it. But I couldn't waste my time on it any longer.

I LOVE Rainbow Rowell, and her other three books that I've read (Eleanor & Park, Fangirl, Landline) are amazing and up the top with my favourite books. However I just found Carry On boring, but that could just be me so please don't make a decision based on just my opinion.

The plot was slow, and to be honest it wasn't much of a plot. I was confused about some of the characters and what was going on throughout what I read. And I'm confused about the book in general. I was reading up about the book one I decided to put it down and some were saying that the novel is actually a fanfiction? That the characters are fictional to each other? I don't know?

I'm not going to rate this book because I didn't finish it, but I suggest reading other reviews before making a decision because this could just be me that is confused and bored...

Thanks for reading Xx


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