YAY!!!! I'm so glad that I'm getting through this series because I absolutely LOVE them!!!

Harry, Ron, and Hermione go on a new adventure in Hogwarts, after a series of wall messages warn that the Chamber of Secrets has been reopened and the Heir of Slytherin will kill all 'mud-blood' students. These threats are followed by attacks which leave multiple students 'petrified' and the trio decide to figure out the mystery for themselves.

Once again, I can't believe that I haven't read these books sooner. The character development from Harry is evident right at the beginning when he stands up for himself in front of the Dursley's and continues to be the spectacular wizard that the wizard world knows him to be. Hermione is also less bossy in this books and becomes closer friends with Ron and Harry. I love these three together and it makes the book so much more than just a fantasy read. And OMG Harry and Ginny <3

The plot was also really good and left me, as the reader, interested and I wanted more. I read the book in a day because I couldn't put it down it was just that good! I also watched the movie straight after and although I loved that also, because it represented the book almost exactly, the viewers were not given as much detail as they would from the book. The insight into the characters' lives is amazing and is what mainly keeps me as the reader most interested.

There was also that touch of suspense throughout the scary chapters. For example when Ron and Harry go into the woods, or at the end in the Chamber of Secrets, where the readers are left sitting on the edge of their seat waiting to find out what happens. This is also what kept me wanting to read more, which ultimately ended up with me finishing the book as soon as I started it.

Overall, I give this book 4 out of 5 stars. I loved it just as much as the first one and I can't wait to continue reading the rest of the series :)

Thanks for reading Xx


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