I am still fangirling over Fangirl. I didn't expect too much from it to be honest, and it exceeded my expectations by miles. I fell in love with Cath almost immediately and personally felt like I could relate to her on a personal level. Her love for books and her fandom, her relationship with her father and sister, making friends, school, all of it!

When Levi was introduced I immediately wanted he and Cath to get together and fell in love with Levi just as much as I did with Cath. Everything about him was charming; his physical description, his jokes, his bubbliness and the way he was with Cath...OMG!

I read Rowell's 'Eleanor and Park' just over a year ago, but Fangirl is by far my favourite of the two, and I'm starting 'Landline' tonight :) Fangirl made me want to finish the book al
most immediately and start writing! This is probably why I started the blog to be honest :)

It took me about a day and a half to read because it was a little bit longer than a usual YA text, and I to force myself to stop reading and points during the day because I had other things to do...

Overall I LOVED the book and rate it 4.9 stars out of 5, only because I think I'm giving out too many 5 stars. However, there wasn't much of the book that I didn't like...except for Nick...he was a douche. 

Tankooooo Xx


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