Well, well, well. Another month has come and gone, and we are almost half way through the year!

This month I read a total of 14 books. Although this is not as many as I usually read (average of 16), it is still really good and I'm happy with my effort. This brings my total Goodreads goal to 79 books out of 100 (I'm thinking of increasing it to 150)!

Out of 14 books this month, I gave an average rating of 4.31 stars. The genres I read are as follows;
Mystery/thriller; 3
Fantasy; 5
Historical Fiction; 2
Magical Realism; 1
Adult Fiction; 1
Non fiction/ autobiography; 1
Classic; 1

THE DRY - Jane Harper (2 stars)
- This adult mystery/thriller did not intrigue me and I did not enjoy it at all. I lost interest early on which caused me to only skim read the book, which resulted in me being quite confused.

A COURT OF MIST AND FURY - Sarah J. Maas (5 stars)
- The sequel to ACOMAF. I seem to be the only one who didn't enjoy it as much as the first book (I will always to Team Tamlin!). However, Maas is taking an exciting route for this story and I can't wait to read the final book next year.
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PEOPLE WHO KNEW ME - Kim Hooper (4.5 stars)
- An adult fiction book where the main character pretends she is killed during 9/11 and moves to the other side of the country to start a fresh life. I loved the story concept, writing and characters.
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THE GIRL ON THE TRAIN - Paula Hawkins (4.5 stars)
- The mysterious and crazy girl on the train was an entertaining character to read about. This psychological thriller definitely took me on a journey to discover who it was that abducted and killed a neighbourhood resident.

CITY OF BONES - Cassandra Claire (5 stars)
- I finally read this book and plan on reading the rest of TMI over the next couple of months! I watched the movie last month and loved it - and the book was even better! The story line, fantasy elements and romance definitely made this a fun read. Jace and Clary <3

LITTLE WOMEN - Louisa May Alcott (4 stars)
- My classic for this month. I enjoyed it and loved the story line, characters and the emotional ending. However, thanks to Joey and Rachael from Friends, I was spoiled for the ending.

OUTLANDER - Diana Gabaldon (4.5 stars)
- Although this was a really big book and took me four days to read, I really liked it. The story line was different, the characters were entertaining, and the element of historical fiction in Scotland was fun to read about. I don't think I will be continuing with the series any time soon (because they're so big) but I plan on starting the TV series.

THE WINNER'S CURSE (5 stars), THE WINNER'S CRIME (4.2 stars) and THE WINNER'S KISS (4.5 stars) - Marie Rutkoski
- I marathoned this trilogy within a week. Although I loved the first book, the fantasy and romance elements throughout all three, and the ending to the final book, I just didn't love the series as much as I thought I would.

THE LEAVING - Tara Alterbrando (4.5 stars)
- An amazing YA mystiery where six 5 years olds go missing, and eleven years later five come back without any memory of where they have been. I loved the story concept of the book however had minor issues with the ending.
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TRIPPING BACK BLUE - Kara Storti (3.5 stars)
- A YA book where a teenage boy is selling drugs to save up money to send his sister to Harvard (magical realism). Wasn't intrigued or interested in the story line and it just wasn't the type of thing that I like to read. However, I enjoyed reading about the characters.
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BURN BABY BURN - Meg Medina (4.5 stars)
- Set in 70's New York, Nora is living in a neighbourhood where a serial shooter and arsonist is on the loose, while falling for the charming Pablo whom she works with. I loved the idea of this book, the plot, suspense and characters. However, the ending was slightly disappointing.
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BINGE - Tyler Oakly (5 stars)
- I absolutely loved this book and it would have to be my favourite for the month. Tyler is such a charismatic, hilarious and sassy person, and reading about his life and what he has been through made me love him even more. Highly recommend watching his YouTube channel and reading Binge if you are a fan

So that was my reading wrap up! Comment down below how many books you read this month, and what your favourite was.

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