I have never participated in a readathon before, but when I saw another booktuber post a video about this specific readathon, I thought that it sounded like a lot of fun and signed up immediately.

For those of you who don't know, Dewey's 24 Hour Readathon was created by Dewey in 2007, whom sadly passed away in 2008. Today, for 24 hours, participants read books and post their stats throughout the day on blogs, twitter, goodreads, YouTube, and more! There are also mini challenges throughout the day. Two events are held throughout the year; one in April and the other in October.

This is a great way to knock of some books that are on your tbr - however, me being an organised reader, I don't have a large tbr and am actually running out of books at the moment. So instead, I decided to dedicate this time to read books that I have wanted to reread for a while. I posted a video on my YouTube channel earlier on in the year talking about books that I wanted to reread soon, so I decided to make a dent in this list.

On Friday, the day before the readathon, I grabbed a few books from my shelf that I wanted to reread during the 24 hours. These books are;

Allegiant by Veronica Roth - I saw the movie just last week and wanted to post a review on it (view previous post). However, I couldn't remember the book much since I read it over a year ago.

We Were Liars by E. Lockhart - I read this book a couple of years ago and fell in love with it! I wanted to reread it again, this time knowing what was going to happen in the end to see if it changed by view.

The Heir by Kiera Cass - With the release of The Crown, the final book in The Selection series, next month, I wanted to refresh my mind on what happened in the previous book.

The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald - This year I plan on reading a classic a month to broaden my horizons, and TGG was going to be April's classic anyway (even if I didn't read it during the readathon I would have read it after). This is still a reread for me though as I read it in year 11 english.

I didn't think I was going to get through all these books, but I decided to challenge myself. I also vlogged the experience to go on my YouTube channel, so you can check that out also. But here is how the day went, starting Saturday night;

9.30pm - I started off reading Allegiant. I decided to start this book earlier during the day because I didn't think I would be able to get through the whole book. So I started reading from page 254.

11.30pm - After reading 272 pages of Allegiant, I surprisingly finished the book. I had taken a lot of notes to talk about in my review blog and video; there was a lot more differences between the movie and the book than I originally thought. The next book I picked up was We Were Liars, and I started reading it straight away.

12.30am - After reading 357 pages over the last few hours, I decided to put We Were Liars down for the night and get some sleep. I was pretty happy with my effort so far.

8.30am - I woke up before my alarm which was set for 9am and got straight to reading We Were Liars again.

10.30am - After reading 497 pages over the last 13 hours, I finished reading We Were Liars. It was amazing to be able to experience this beautiful book all over again. The story line, the characters, and the crazy plot twist at the end are just spectacular. It obviously wasn't as suspenseful this time around as I knew the plot twist was going to happen, but I still really enjoyed it. I started reading The Heir straight away as I wasn't in a reading slump just yet and decided to take advantage of that.

12.30pm - When reading The Heir, I felt a reading slump start to begin. I decided to take a lot of breaks during this time. Some short ones, some a bit longer. In the last couple of hours, I read just over 100 pages of Their Heir which added up to 660 pages all up.

4.30pm - It had been almost 6 hours since I picked up The Heir, and I finally finished it. This totalled in reading 836 pages during the readathon. I'm so glad that I reread The Heir because there were so many parts of the books and characters that I forgot about since I first read it, and this would have made The Crown so confusing to read. Can't wait for it's release though!

6.30pm - After taking a couple hour break, I then picked up The Great Gatsby but didn't expect to get much done since I was quite tired from reading all day. But I was really excited to reread my favourite classic again.

8.30pm - Surprisingly, after a few hours I finished reading The Great Gatsby. It is a short book and because I know the story so well (from reading it before, writing multiple essays on it for school and exams, and watching different movie adaptations a million times) it made it quite an easy read. Plus I finished it in just the nick of time - a half hour before the end of the readathon!

Final stats; In 24 hours, I managed to finish reading four books, with a total of 1006 pages!

I was quite surprised with this number, but really happy that I managed to stick it out and have fun doing so. Not only did I get the whole day to read, but I was also able to experience it with thousands of others by talking to them on twitter, Books Amino, and instagram throughout the 24 hours. I will definitely be participating again in October!

Let me know down below if you participated!

Check the readathon out;


  1. Awesome! Well done on getting through so many books. I'm thinking about hosting my own readathon during my summer as I'm much too busy to participate in one any other time

    1. Thanks! That's a good idea!! I love readathons :)


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